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3 reasons why stag packages to Premiership games are a great option

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 23, 2016 9:12:22 PM / by James Fox

There are so many different options for stag parties these days. Below you will see my 3 reasons why stag packages to Premiership games a great option.

stag packages to Premiership games


1.  Hit a pub by the stadium with the locals before the game

It can be fun to get revved up for a football match at a pub with other supporters near your club’s home stadium.  Most of the pubs near the grounds are segregated and will only allow in one club’s fans– entry is restricted to those with a home ticket or proof of club membership. There are usually signs outside the pubs (and a big doorman) to prevent the wrong club members from accidentally wandering in.


2. Pre-match build up – don’t miss it?

Players from both teams come out for warm up exercises and drills about 45 minutes before kick-off. They will leave at least 10 minutes before kick-off, to prepare for kick off.

The teams will be led by the referee and assistant referees on to the field five minutes before kick-off. The team are accompanied by ball boys and girls who then display the Get on With the Game flag, promoting positive behaviour from everyone in the game. The players will line up and then shake hands with each other while the Premier League anthem plays.

The referee will then call the captains together and toss a coin – whoever calls correctly chooses which way they want to their team to attack in the first half.


3. Hitting the town after the game

Doesn't matter what city you are in, if it be Manchester or Bourmouth. All cities in the UK have great nightlife, always best to maybe get a bit of dinner after the game to refuel. Check out our on 7 fancy dress ideas you have to do for a stag which you have to do on a night out! 

Then it is back on it! 


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James Fox

Written by James Fox

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