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Top 5 best stadium atmospheres in the English Premiership

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 10, 2016 3:52:43 AM / by James Fox

best stadium atmosphere in english premiership

Top 5 best stadium atmospheres in the English Premiership 

What makes a great atmosphere at a football game? Is it noise? Is it friendliness? Is it the size of the ground? This is a difficult question but below you will see my top 5 best stadium atmospheres in the Premiership.

What is  the best Stadium for atmosphere in the Premiership? 

5. Stoke FC - The Brittania 

If it's noise you want, go to Stoke. And frankly, there aren't too many other reasons to visit Stoke. Also do a very good steak and kidney pie which comes highly reccommened not like the Stoke nightlife!

4. Everton FC - Goodison Park 

After a lenthly debate with my good pal Stitch he told me I had to put this in. Have actually been trying to leave Goodison for a while now, with new grounds in Stanley Park and in the city's King's Dock all mooted but been rejected. No need for bigger stadium especially if Martinez stays, there will be no fans. 

3. Tottenham Hotspur - White Hart Lane

My brother will kill me for this but had to be done.  Perhaps it's the relative size of the place that makes it feel more intimate. The capacity of just over 36,000 is half that of some of their Premier League rivals, so the tight nature of the place certainly improves things in terms of atmosphere.

2. Liverpool FC - Anfield

On a evening kick off has to be one the best stadium atmospheres in English Premiership. It has died down in recent time even with the arrival of Mr Jurgen Klopp. I think with a few big German signings in the summer, Anfield will be back to its best.

1. Crystal Palace - Selhurst 

Maybe a suprise for most people but if you have never been, put it on the list! Unbelievable fans who just don't stop for the whole 90 minutes. Most of the noise comes from the Holmesdale Stand, behind the goal to the left as the TV camera looks, and in particular from the bottom left corner of said stand where the loudest and rowdiest fans seem to congregate.

This is why Selhurst park is my number 1 when it comes to 5 best stadium atmospheres in English Premiership.

best stadium atmosphere in english premiership



So remember get yourself to Selhurst Park in the near future. If interested we cater specifically for stag parties of any size to any Premiership stadium. 

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