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Top 7 reasons to go to a Premiership match for a stag weekend

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 13, 2016 4:11:40 PM / by James Fox


Top 7 reasons to go to a Premiership game for a stag

Who organises a stag do? The BEST MAN.

Not the ‘yeah he’s kind of alright and I’ve known him for years’ man. Not the ‘actually he can be a bit of a dick sometimes but I can’t trust anyone else not to get me arrested’ man. The best man. All very important when it comes to organising the big weekend. Over 110,000 Irish people make Premiership trips every year from families to stag parties. Below you will my Top 7 reasons to go to a Premiership soccer for a stag weekend.


1. Atmosphere

In one of my previous blogs I spoke about the Top 5 best stadium atmospheres in English Premiership

El Clasico - Barcelona v Real Madrid - in Spain creates enormous interest world wide and rightly so, it's the biggest club game on the planet. The Camp Nou regularly has 99,000 plus spectators for this encounter. The EPL can't match that! Manchester United's Old Trafford holds 75,000 and is full every other week of the season, but that's a full 25,000 short, a small stadium's worth

The anticipation, energy and colour created by knowledgeable fans is second to none. At clubs like Stoke City, West Ham Utd, Sunderland and Newcastle United the noise created by the home fans when their team is winning! - beggars belief.

In short, it's not the quantity, it's the quality that counts.


2. Goals

The Premiership does not have the highest goals to game ratio in Europe, that honour goes to the Eredivisie in the Netherlands, who often manage over 3 goals per game. But what does that say about a league where goals come so cheaply? That's right. The quality of the defenders is in doubt! 

In the English league exactly the opposite is experienced. You still have large clumsy defenders playing but they tend to be mean in the tackle and don't give strikers much space. Even the smaller clubs know how to battle it out which suggests that, in the English Premier League, every goal has to be worked for. There aren't that many cheap goals - strikers have to earn the right to score!

This has to be my all time favourite! Rooney... Rooney...Rooney!!!!!

Best Premiership goal ever!


3. The Players


Are the best players in the world playing in the English premier league? Actually no. Let's admit something from the outset - the elite top 2 players in the world are currently plying their trade in Spain. That's Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Would love to see Messi come to Premiership and see if he could do it on a cold night in Stoke. The class of players overall is the best in world. From Damian Delaney to Sergio Aguero it does not matter what team you are watching. The speed of the game is incredible and this is why this is in my top 


4. The Physicality

An even greater challenge for many foreign players adapting to life in the Premier League is the sheer physicality of the game. The English game is known for its “blood and thunder” mentality, and although the league is now dominated by foreign talent, the brutal physical competition remains a trademark of the league. It is not a place for the feint of heart or the fragile of bone.


5. The Fans


English soccer fans are known for their passion. There are people who are virtually married to the teams they support, and there are so many rousing songs that ring out around the grounds and create a dramatic, and sometimes even moving, atmosphere at Premier League games each week, that it’s hard to deny the impact of the match-going public. 

Also great when you are in the pub before kick off as they are always suprised to see people travel from Ireland. Every time I attend Sheffield Wednesday matchs I get the same question. Why would travel all that way? Of course my reply is because ''I love Wednesday and getting on the pints as well in Sheffield!


6. The Pubs

A personal favourite of mine would be The Strawberry in Newcastle. It is directly outside the stadium and a fans favourite. The buzz a hour before kick off is always electric and the beers are not too bad themselves. Try the vodka as well has to be the cheapest in the UK for 1 POUND! 


7. Nightlife

Does not matter if you at a Liverpool game or a West Ham game, there is nightlife all over the UK.  The way I like doing it is going to game and then going back to hotel to get the fancy dress. Of course if you are lazy well then just wear to the game always a bit of fun as well. 

This is my top 7 reasons to go to a Premiership match for a stag weekend.


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James Fox

Written by James Fox

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